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I am currently writing a book about college admission. I'm interested in the intersection of the college process and American culture. I attended Amherst College in the 1970s, taught high school English and theater at The Hill School in the '80s, returned to Amherst in the '90s as an admission dean, and began the '00s as a college counselor at the University of Chicago Laboratory School. I then joined Chicago Scholars as Program Director. Currently, I blog about college admission for I also help community organizations serving low income students understand the college admission process so more students can consider gaining access to higher education. I have a few private college counseling clients that I take by referral only. The views expressed in this blog are mine alone.

DOJ’s Investigation Into College “Reverse Discrimination” Likely to Backfire

My latest post at suggests that the Dept. of Justice’s look at supposed discriminatory behavior at “elite” colleges and universities will only create a worse situation. Also, hasn’t the Supreme Court already spoken on this issue? Let me know … Continue reading

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Using 529 Accounts to Pay for College

My latest entry at

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Colleges and Politics

My latest entry at cautions everyone not to paint colleges and universities with too broad a political brush. Check it out at

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See My Latest Entry at One Big Mistake to Avoid

Don’t try to conform to colleges; make them conform to you. See my latest entry HERE.      

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Perspectives on College and College Admission: Some Reading

Feeling guilty about not reading “how to get into college” books? Try these related but wider-ranging books for a break. Continue reading

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Try an “Experience Surrogate” When Researching Colleges

My latest piece riffs on a NY Times article downplaying the campus tour in favor of using “experience surrogates” when trying to learn about a college. Could be good…It’s not “Handmaid’s Tale” surrogacy, but you can get a good … Continue reading

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College Admission Anxiety is a Systemic Problem

I haven’t posted here in a while because I’m writing for my blog. But my most recent entries are about how the college admission system is a major cause of anxiety and pressure in kids and families. Here’s the … Continue reading

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